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Partnership for Excellent Educational Resources for STEMEngineering Presentation crowd

Mission: to provide students and parents opportunities to learn about the fun and rewarding profession of engineering. This program assists in preparing students for a successful career by helping develop Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics related skills.

Goals through the partnership of educators and businesses are to:

  • Promote interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics among local students
  • Increase the number of students enrolled in engineering and manufacturing technology programs at Iowa colleges and universities
  • Expand the number of engineering and manufacturing technology graduates considered for hire by PEERS business partners.

  • Learning/Activities:

    Elementary and Junior High Students

    • Fun classroom demonstrations and activities
    • Student and parent information about engineering
    • Tour opportunities
    • Science competitionsIsek

    High School Students

    • Connections with local engineers
    • Connections with college engineering students and professors
    • College visits focused on engineering
    • Parent connections with locoal corporations and universities
    • Sponsored engineering competitions
    • Opportunities to experience the actual work of engineers

    College Students

    • Career and personal coaching/counseling
    • Connections with intern/co-op programs
    • Potential job placement